Good-Bye Blackhawks!!!!

Posted: January 6, 2011 by sloshhc in Uncategorized

After the all-star break, it appears that the Blackhawks have been relegated out of our league. Some new changes coming to the ASHL-FriE.

  • January 14, we stomp the yard at the Oakville Crusaders rink
  • January 28, we run things at the New Alliance Crew’s rink
  • February 4, we make the Blues cry and fly back to St. Louis

These new teams will be full of pep and “joi-de-vive” as they’re entering this new leauge… let’s show them why we’re SLOSH and why we’re that team everyone loves to hate! HATE HATE HATE HATE!!!

Closing words…. PITT-BULL!!!! ARRRR-ARRRRRRRRF!!!!!

  1. Jacky says:


  2. Hurricane says:

    Bring on the newbies!

  3. kidklutch69 says:

    oh shit its James the nigga-hatin Dolphin!!!!

  4. Jacky says:

    Flipper? I know him as james; the n*gga hatin dolphin.

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