Posted: January 10, 2011 by sloshhc in TMZ

Seen here in these undated photos; Brent “Dragunov” Milovich seems to be getting quite used to the fame and stardom that comes alongside being a member of the SLOSH Hockey Club. Mr Dragunov has reportedly “been frequenting exclusive restaurants and clubs with a plethora of beautiful women” a source says. It appears that while the teams focus has been on keeping pretty boy aka Boy Wonder aka Ryan “Rico (Suave)” Hiscott’s nose clean in the press, they overlooked the power of the Dragunov!

Back in the beginning of the Season, Dragunov took a sabbatical from the team. His rep has been quoted stating he was headed Down South for some R&R. This freshly released file photo provides a glimpse into the life of this playboy extraordinaire’s idea of R&R.

Spectators at the last game vs Redpath, which resulted in Slosh’s 5th loss of the season, witnessed what has been known around the league for some time now as “The Wrath of Don Juan”. In a post-game interview Dragunov reportedly declined to comment on the game, citing “issues” with his “flock”. When asked what exactly had upset him, he responded “Sometimes someone’s just gotta let a ho know!”. Though this did not answer the question, it has given us insight as to what was on his mind.

When confronted about possible distractions on his team, GM Mark “Hurricane” Penelton simply said “Why didn’t he invite me!”

  1. dragunov86 says:

    LOL!…but seriously, it’s true.. Sometimes you just gotta let a ho know! Lol

    Thats awesome haha!!

  2. Hurricane says:

    LMAO! Agreed… but seriously, why wasn’t I invited?

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