TMZ REPORT: As Nimble as a Goalie!(?)

Posted: January 18, 2011 by sloshhc in TMZ

Here at TMZ we were more than thrilled to receive this file photo from the most recent So You Think You Can Dance auditions held in Arizona over the last few weeks.

As it turns out, Greg “Showtime” Belina has truly lived up to his name! Rumors had been popping up all over the blogging circuit when Belina didn’t return after the All-Star Break and SLOSH had called up Sunnyvale goalie Scotty “2Naughty” Killingbeck to stand between the pipes.

Various theories have been proposed including tryouts with other teams. None however, came close to the reality!

Seen here, Mr. Belina clearly displays his skills off the ice. Originally it had been thought that the nickname “Showtime” was based on his dazzling presence and theatrical saves. Now we’re unsure!

Greg was unavailable for comment, we did manage to get ahold of a few of his teammates. Matt “PITT(BULL)” Pitt seemed shocked by our question and said “[Greg] was gone? Who was in net for us then?!”. Apparently Pitt’s head is so in the game he’s only looking forwards and for goals! Dave “Big Diesel” Strzelec commented “Showtime! Yeah I’ve seen him dance… Twinkle-toes mother&*#$@!% more like!”. Various other endearing comments were thrown around at practice this morning, while GM Mark “Hurricane” Penelton had the following to say “I can’t say that I’ve ever watched the show. But suddenly I’m feeling a chorus line for the next practice!” He then laughed uncontrollably until he threw up.

Kapitan Chris “Young Blood” O’Halloran confirmed that Showtime would be back as the starting goalie this Friday vs the IS Devils, and then mumbled something about tribadism.

  1. showtime29 says:

    Bringing’ back the noise and the funk. That’s right DJ jazzy G is back from his stint in ZONA. Yes the ‘so you think you can Dance’ try outs didn’t go as well as I had hoped. Truth is my style is more interpretive than anything else… further to that I can only dance if I’m on the sauce… which is apparently a huge NO NO, as it is considered performance enhancing in the dance world… Who knew?

    See ya guys Friday!

  2. Hurricane says:

    Sauce is encouraged in SLOSH hockey. WELCOME BACK!

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