Posted: January 22, 2011 by sloshhc in TMZ, Uncategorized

After yesterday’s streak-ending win, the whereabouts of Andrew “Drunken Ninja” McElroy were unknown. Team Kapitan Chris “Young Blood” O’Halloran commented “He was supposed to come to the bar with us! We had a frosted glass ready for him and he just never showed!” Matt “PITT(BULL)” Pitt stated “Even I came out, in anticipation of a great night! It just wasn’t the same without that drinking ninja!”

GM Mark “Hurricane” Penelton was also unavailable for comment, reasons are unknown at this time. However we received an alien transmission from an alternate dimension….

It appears SLOSH’s own has been chosen to battle in an alternate universe, for ultimate power and cosmic dominance. Here on Earth, McElroy is already known as “The Beast from the East“. Though it seems in parallel universes he is some sort of saviour and has energy orb generating powers!

At this time, we are not sure how he was drafted for the tournament, or how he got there… Ex-Coach Woo Jung-hai may be behind this….


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