TMZ Report: Agent Denley

Posted: February 1, 2011 by sloshhc in Uncategorized

Known as the strong, silent type. SLOSH’s early season recruit Kevin “R.I.P.S.” Denley has had dazzling performances on the ice as both a forward and a defenseman. Though not much has been known about his off ice activities until now…

It appears Mr. Denley should actually be refered to as Agent Denley. Whose primary role is to monitor an alternate reality where machines rule over mankind. Some say this may attribute to what would appear as an introverted personality, when in actuality may be a general discontent for humanity.

Though no confirmations can be given as to whether or not these photos are part of a hoax, this information does beg the question of what really happened to the season’s starting teammate Jason “Rivers” LaRiviere…

Denley, of course, was unavailable for comment.

On an unrelated note, Dave “NotSoGretzky” Stillo has been missing for the 2nd week straight…


  1. denleyk says:

    Shud use these photos for my hockey card lol. And thats Agent RIPS to you haha.

  2. showtime29 says:

    what an ugly Kid. 🙂

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