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Not much has been said by SLOSH rep’s about the whereabouts of star defenceman and team mentor Marcus “HeHateMe” Morson, until now…

As witnesses and participants in his extracurricular activities began coming forward, we were right there getting you the answers! Seen above, this young lady who has asked her name not be published spoke up on GMA, saying that HeHateMe has been frequenting her workplace recently and “Doing all kinds’a crazy things”. Her profession? Exotic Dancer!

The information provided by the 1st witness, seems to have sparked a wave of young (not to mention hot!) women coming forth with tales of Mr. HeHateMe. Marcus, known for his post and pregame antics apparently paid this female to wear his jock on her head while he did “inexplicable things” to her.

Another “witness” alleges HeHateMe tantalized her and seduced her with an attractive sum!

Others have stood up for the man saying “Ain’t nobody parties or $@*!’s like that man does! Who can blame him?! Top of his career, peak physical performance… he was bound to get noticed by the lady fans!

At this point, all accounts are mere speculation as this photo is the only “proof” and even then HeHateMe’s face has been blurred.

Kapitan Chris “Young Blood” O’Halloran was available for comment stating “He did always talk about hookers and blow, this really wouldn’t surprise me that much”. Jacky “Coltrain” Kam commented “Shoulda never gave you #*&&$!’s Money!” which may be unrelated, or may not be…

Netminder Greg “SHOWTIME” Belina was far too excited about his new pads to be wrapped up in any of this and simply said “It’s Time for the SHOW!”

TMZ online.

  1. showtime29 says:

    No word of a lie the plot thickens. She is apparently preggers now.

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