TSN Update: A Great Honour Bestowed to a SLOSH Legend

Posted: March 3, 2011 by sloshhc in Uncategorized

As TMZ has been paying little attention to SLOSH after recent events involving Markus MorsonCharlie Sheen have caused a media heyday, we at TSN have decided to step up and cover SLOSH in this great honour.

Kevin “K-Rock” Hiscott’s career in the ASHL has been commemorated by his farm team out in Kingston. Their home arena has been renamed the K-Rock Centre.

After a lengthy renovation, the K-Rock Centre is a beautiful tribute to one of hockey’s great goalies. For the Grand Opening Ceremony the event coordinators have managed to book mega-hit artist Diana Krall!!!!!  (Who potentially was K-Rock’s favourite pregame Artist of choice).

Fans have been camped out for days attempting to get tickets to this event. Rumours have been flying up and down the line that K-Rock himself is set to perform some of the Hiscott tricks, to which their family has become famous for.  Ryan “Rico” Hiscott stayed mum on the subject simply saying “Hiscott’s dont’ brag. If reputation precedes us, that’s just the will of the universe.”

K-Rock himself seems pretty happy with this honour and how his Arena has turned out. He has been back and forth from Kingston to LA over the past months, ensuring the Hiscott standard is upheld.

  1. khiscott says:

    The K Rock centre is a pretty big deal for me 😉
    Also very pumped for Diana Krall!

    Also this is pretty much the best thing ever!

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