OFFICIAL SLOSH CONTEST!: Name that (Pony)Tail!!

Posted: April 4, 2011 by sloshhc in News

As some of you may or may not know (you know now!!) SLOSH vet Lauren Guthrie will be returning along side Derek “Horatio” Laurendeau. Both players felt the need to test their skills in the KHL, and after dominating the league decided to come back for a challenge once again.

Why we’re focusing on Ms Guthrie here is she has neglected to provide a nickname! Those of you who know her and have seen her style of play have an unfair advantage, so we’ll wait until after the 2nd game to judge the entries. As a hint to you newcomers as to what you can expect, here’s a famous excerpt from playoffs in SLOSH’s inaugural season.

A player on the other team slu-foots her, she pulls a spin move while falling and two-hand slashes him in the back of the calves. He goes down hard, crying (no joke) while she gets up and chirps him saying “Stop crying, this is why I left girls hockey!”

BOOM! A legend was born!

  1. McDiesel says:

    Right in front of the bench. That was awesome. Welcome back!!

  2. showtime29 says:

    Lauren “Girl-illa Warfare” Guthrie/ Lauren “Dont mess with the Zohan” Guthrie/ Lauren “mmmmbop” Guthrie/ … I can keep going. 🙂

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