TEAM NEWS: A Coach for the Ages!

Posted: April 28, 2011 by sloshhc in News

Good news! After loosing Coach Woo Jung-hai and being Coachless for an entire season… the SLOSH Organization has signed a new Head Coach!

Starting tomorrow, Coach Joseph (Giuseppe) Lagrasta will be providing insight, direction and guidance for this team.

When SLOSH Executives approached Mr. Lagrasta with the offer he responded with a smile “For sure, I yell at 11 year old little girls when I coach soccer… I’m sure I can handle some grown men playing hockey…”

“I vow to bring this team to the next level. This is a great group of guys with lots of potential, they just need someone to steer the ship!” Says Lagrasta in this mornings press conference.

“I’ll also be standing up for my guys, none of this Classic Ref Blindness will be tolerated when I’m on the bench!”

We welcome you Mr. Lagrasta and look forward to seeing how you mold this team!

-SLOSH Hockey Club.

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