TSN Update: SLOSH Picks up their 1st Win?

Posted: May 9, 2011 by sloshhc in Uncategorized

Much to the disappointment of the home crowd, SLOSH who surely deserved their 1st win of the season, came out with a Tie.

I'm to a-stupid to make up my own mind

The AHSL is currently reviewing why not one, but two goals were called back by Friday nights officiating team. Witnesses recount that the 1st goal called back happened alongside the Thrashers goalie kicking the net out of position. Canlan staff mentioned that the 2nd goal indeed was in the net prior to Thrashers goalie pulling back over the line. Both goals were discussed and disallowed by the refs.

GM Mark Penelton though not happy with the outcome stated “In our minds, we’re still victorious, I guess we’ll just have to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt to these refs that we are putting the pucks in the net!”

Kapitan Chris “Young Blood” O’Halloran was MIA from Fridays game, and unavailable for comment. Curiously, so was Coach Joseph (Giuseppe) LaGrasta.

  1. Hurricane says:

    Serious BS! We’ll get that first win this week…

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