TMZ Reports: The Return of the Mac!

Posted: July 21, 2011 by sloshhc in Uncategorized

Kevin Lyttle Hiscott, SLOSH’s former goalie and best dressed (Only second to his Brother Ryan of course) was rumoured to be leaving Killa Cali yesterday and venture back north for some PR and Photo Ops to promote his new movie “King of Cali-forn-I-A”.

An unknown entourage member passed along these photos to what we can only assume is help build the hype!

During the court hearings for the News of the World Scandal, a taped conversation between K-Rock and Rico was presented.

“Doing my thing, pocket full of green. Hand on my D*#k in my thousand dollar jeans. Your girl a Queen, my girl a thing… You know what though? I’mma take, I’mma take this one for the team”

Kev’s swagger oozed so cooly, that even the Justice of the Peace asked if she could be excused, only to return red-faced and flustered looking.

The California masses came out in droves to try and catch a glimpse of the international star/sex symbol as his limo cruised through the streets of the city of angels while on his way to the airport. Sources have stated he is now currently in Ontario having touched down in Toronto, however his were-abouts have yet to be confirmed. Stay tuned for further details.


  1. Hurricane says:

    Any word on if he brought his goalie equipment for a SLOSH return? *BOOM ROASTED*

  2. khiscott says:

    All I want to do is ride around shining while I can afford it, Plenty ice on my neck so I don’t get nauseous, Float around in the greatest of Porsches, Feel like a chuck wagon cause I’m on twelve horses

    Couldn’t swing the equipment this time!

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