Gov’t employees win one over the taxpayers yet again!

Posted: August 15, 2011 by sloshhc in Uncategorized

So the ASHL posted the winners of the jersey contest today:

“Unbelievable Results! The Epicness was so close we had to call in some tie breaking votes. The winners are 1st. Skatin Bacon, 2nd Team Gary Busey, 3rd Ice-O-Topes and honourable mentions and prizes will go out to Murder She Wrote and the Muleteers!”

I’m guessing they threw all their judging criteria out the window and picked the police 1st to not get in trouble and then threw dice for the rest. Two teams with faces of people as their jerseys somehow make the list, and a chicago blackhawks logo with a mullet… I’ll give it to the  Ice-O-Topes, they worked hard on theirs, and do alot for their community as well. The rest makes me wonder why they bothered calling it an “EPIC” contest, when it could have simply been named “Redneck Humour Jersey Contest”

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