TMZ Exclusive! Whatever happened too…

Posted: October 28, 2011 by sloshhc in Uncategorized

Not many of you thought much about the absence of SLOSH Defencemen Justing “McDiesel” McArthur last week. His injury story seemed valid enough… what reason would he have to lie?

This week’s repeat absence by McDiesel, followed up with additional notices of Jacky “Coltrain” Kam & Kevin “R.I.P.S.” Denley missing tonight’s game made us wonder. There had to be more to this! 3 players, all missing from tonight’s game. What could be the cause?

As it turns out, B4-4 is having a revival movement, founded by none other than McDiesel himself! Last weeks absence was a coverup for him to get their concert venue locked down. After successful completion, avid original fans of the group, Coltrain and R.I.P.S. were all too eager to join McDiesel in what at first appeared to be a tribute show, but was later revealed as a revival show!

One of our reporters managed to sneak into the guys rehearsal today hearing them belt “Go Go” over the speaker system, sighting “McDiesel and RIPS roll! Jacky D I’m ready to… Here I am, It’s friday night, I’m feeling good, The time is right. There you come, Right out the crowd, And all that I can say is, I want you to know, That I can rock you girl so… Come on lets go!!!!”

We salute you B4-4 Revival tour!


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