If you ain’t white you ain’t right! AGAHGAHGAHGAHGAAAAAH!!!!

Posted: January 25, 2012 by sloshhc in Uncategorized

So as many of you have heard the rumours swirling through upper management. SLOSH Hockey Club has been toying with the idea of new white jerseys. These new jerseys have a stronger bond to the dark jersey’s, by tieing in the Blue and Red colour scheme.

The logo (Currently under review) will play off the Washington Capital’s throwback logo which has been seen in the Winter Classic and sported as their 3rd jersey. The “HC” under the logo will actually say “Hockey Club” in order to keep the flavour of the current White/Green/Yellow jersey’s alive.

The jersey itself will then follow suit of the Capital’s throw-back as represented above. This scheme was not picked merely at random, or because anyone was a Capital’s fan (Go Leafs Go! I know this will offend some of you “other” fans :P). This jersey as stated before was selected for it’s colour scheme (without having to be the dirty habs!) and because the stars represent what SLOSH has come to represent. The stars represent the 16 players that live and breathe SLOSH Hockey!!!

We currently have 2 options for manufacturers:

Reebok: Though a nicer jersey, does not come stock with the stars, we would have to pay to add.

Athletic Knit: A lesser jersey, though comes with the stars

If you have any comments, ideas, critiques or feeback; please comment on this post!


  1. Brent says:

    Looks good to me, go with whatever you want and just let me know prices!

  2. David says:

    Im pretty sure the cost is pretty much the same for both jerseys and the only stars we wud be missing would be on the sleeves since we can incorporate the stars on the front in the slosh logo. I don’t personally care if we have the stars on the sleeves but I do have an athletic knit and a RBK jersey like this one and the RBK is way nicer. I like the concept and my vote is for the RBK jersey.

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