TSN BREAKING NEWS: SLOSH Hockey Signs Young… “Star”?… O’Halloran

Posted: March 20, 2012 by sloshhc in Uncategorized

SLOSH hockey has added yet another piece to their puzzle. News trickled down that SHC signed 19 year old center Tyler “Tallot” O’Halloran.

The 6’1” 100 pound younger brother of Kaptain Chris “Young Blood” O’Halloran said, “I’m hella excited to be joining SLOSH! I’ve been paying my dues and it’s nice to get picked up by a club that really wanted me.”

However, when advised that SLOSH was in fact the ONLY team that wanted him, O’Halloran replied quote… “GET THAT FUCKING CAMERA OUT OF MY FACE!!!

When asked if he’s concerned about being in the change room with the older men on the team Tyler just shrugged saying, “If you met my 8th grade gym teacher, then you’d know I’ve seen some older man meat. “

As concerning as the possible rape may have been, Tyler describes himself as a fast skating player, with a below average shot and the inability to win a face off if his life depended on it.

Here’s hoping O’Halloran can bring those same tangibles to the upcoming season. As well as some barely legal vagina that only he is legally aloud to penetrate.

TSN- Oakville.

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