TSN Breaking News: SLOSH inks deal with Defenceman Kevin Napp

Posted: February 21, 2013 by sloshhc in Uncategorized

SLOSH management confirmed today that Chris Vilone and Brandon Tomei will be returning this season, following a hiatus over contract disputes. News also came through that SLOSH has inked storied defenceman Kevin Napp for the upcoming season.

Napp, a 4 year veteran and decorated solider from the ASHL is credited with playing 147 games. In which he has logged 30 Goals and 90 assists. Napp will be joining SLOSH after major reconstructive surgery, resulting from a Cross-Check to the face.


As a result, early rumors have been surfacing that he will be joining the SLOSH tradition of nicnames and will put “Scarface” on his back, while adorning number 93 with the boys of beer. This nicname seems all the more fitting too, as Napp is has been known for his uncanny ability to stop pucks and breakaways with his face and mouth.

Napp who is known throughout the hockey community for his antics on and off the ice involving alcohol stated “I couldn’t be more excited to play for SLOSH, any team that promotes drinking is OK in my books”.

Buzz at practice this morning was high about this new pick-up, with defenceman Jay “Juggernaut” Glover joking “I just hope he doesn’t black out and try and score on his own net again like he did in that charity tournament a few years back”

SLOSH Kaptain Chris “Youngblood” O’Halloran quipped that he “Hope(s) Napp’r plays in his Wranglers a few games this season to show the kids how old school hockey is done”

New season starts April 26, 2013

TSN, Oakville.

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