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Please visit us at the new home of SLOSH Hockey Club to stay up to date with the team


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This coming summer season mark’s the 9th season of SLOSH Hockey Club! Normally people only celebrate the biggies. like #10 for example, but fuck that. we’re SLOSH!!!!!!!!!!

To commemorate this, SLOSH will be re-branding it’s online presence. Stay tuned for the new look!


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Trade rumours have been hot over the weekend, following GM Chris “O’Katsiris” O’Hallorans off-the-cuff comment that David “BIG DIESEL” Strzelec has been dry in the points dept recently.

Although Big Diesel remains one of the teams top players, logging 14 goals and 6 assists in only 14 games. It seems management may have other plans for the young stallion.

Could this be the end of the beautiful mane on SLOSH, or is this simply a political play by team management as Diesel and the team move into contract negotiations. Only time will tell!


Big Diesel grappling with Team Management


Ohhhhhhhhhhh…. So you’re from Canada eh? Pt 2!

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Ohhhhh so you’re from Canada… Eh?

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#SLOSHBELIKE (to all other teams in this league)

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Funny Fridays!!!

In honour of our 69th post!

Winter 13/14 Season

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It’s about that time we start talking about the next season. Do we stay ORHL? Do we return to ASHL? Do we try something else? Share your thoughts!!


SLOSH is keeping up with the times

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Two new updates for the team this season!

1. Be sure to follow the team on Twitter @sloshhc for updates on games, grinders, barrons, etc.

2. There is now an app available currently for iPhone users, Android to follow in 2 weeks, that allows news, game times, events, standings, chat threads and more. Make sure you download “Team App” and search for SLOSH!

You can either look for it in the App Store or Download via their link

-SLOSH Management