Winter 13/14 Season

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It’s about that time we start talking about the next season. Do we stay ORHL? Do we return to ASHL? Do we try something else? Share your thoughts!!


SLOSH is keeping up with the times

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Two new updates for the team this season!

1. Be sure to follow the team on Twitter @sloshhc for updates on games, grinders, barrons, etc.

2. There is now an app available currently for iPhone users, Android to follow in 2 weeks, that allows news, game times, events, standings, chat threads and more. Make sure you download “Team App” and search for SLOSH!

You can either look for it in the App Store or Download via their link

-SLOSH Management

ORHL 2012-2013 CHAMPIONS!!!!!!

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Congratulations go out to the SLOSH Hockey Club, who took home the cup in an epic battle tonight vs the Mighty Ducks. After giving up a 3 goal lead the boys managed to come back winning 6-3.

A first for this storied franchise!


SLOSH Hockey Club was at peace with that team, and, at the solicitation of The Mighty Ducks, was still in conversation with its management and its GM looking toward the maintenance of peace in the upper echelon of this league. Indeed, one hour after Flying-V squadrons had commenced a shooting gallery in the crease of Greg “SHOWTIME” Belina, the Mighty Ducks ambassador to the ORHL and his colleague delivered to our secretary of League Relations a formal reply to a recent SLOSH message. While this reply stated that it seemed useless to continue the existing diplomatic negotiations, it contained no threat or hint of an epic battle or donnybrook.

It will be recorded that the distance of SLOSH from The Mighty Ducks in the standings makes it obvious that the attack was deliberately planned many days or even weeks ago. During the intervening time the Mighty Ducks Officials have deliberately sought to deceive the SLOSH Hockey Club by false statements and expressions of hope for continued peace.

The attack yesterday on this organization in the media has caused severe damage to the SLOSH Hockey Club and it’s supporters. I regret to tell you that very many SLOSH egos have been damaged. In addition, SLOSH equipment has been reported torpedoed on the QEW between Burlington and Mississauga.

Yesterday the Mighty Ducks also launched as attack against the ORHL.

Last night Mighty Ducks players attacked Di-Mond.

Last night Mighty Ducks players attacked Briargrove.

Last night Mighty Ducks players attacked the Tomiko Jets.

Last night Mighty Ducks players attacked the Oakville Capitals.

And this morning the Mighty Ducks attacked Puckz, our beloved post-game bar.

The Mighty Ducks have, therefore, undertaken a surprise offensive extending throughout the ORHL Organization. The facts of yesterday and today speak for themselves. The members of the SLOSH Hockey Club have already formed their opinions and well understand the implications to the very life and pride of our team.

As Kapitan and GM of this Team and Organization I have directed that all measures be taken for our defense. But always will our whole organization remember the character of the onslaught against us… Time will tell tomorrow, at 8:30pm.

It’s a well known fact, that net-minder SHOWTIME is in love with statistics, especially of the sport variety. Here is a list he has compiled following this historic season:

1st time in SLOSH history finished in 1st

– 1st time in SLOSH history finished in top 2 for Goals For

– 1st time in SLOSH history finished in top 2 for Goals Against

– 1st time in SLOSH history to have more than 15 wins

– 1st time in SLOSH history to have broken the 30pt barrier

– 1st time in SLOSH history to average less than 4 minutes in Penalties per game

– 1st time in SLOSH history to go undefeated in 2nd half of the season (8-0 in 2013, Last loss December 14th 2012)


Other Highlights:

– Celebrated our 50th regular season franchise win against the Briargrove Bandits 2-1 (Feb 1 2013)

– Brought our overall record above .500 for first time in franchise history

– Had 4 players in the top 20 for points


Past seasons History:

2010 Summer – 05-08-0 (Finished 3rd)

2010/11 Winter- 11-11-1 (Finished 4th)

2011 Summer – 04-05-3 (Finished 4th)

2011/12 Winter – 10-11-2 (Finished 3rd)

2012 Summer – 07-02-3 (Finished 3rd)

2012/13 Winter – 18-03-0 (Finished 1st)

Regular Season Totals 55-40-9

For the 1st time ever, in this storied franchise’s history; SLOSH Hockey Club has captured the Presidents Trophy in the ORHL. In what many have called a fairytale season, the boys of SLOSH managed to lock this up with one game remaining in the regular season.

Following in almost exact detail to “The Chiefs” from Slapshot, and Mario Lemieux; Veteran SLOSH Captain, credited as the heart and soul of the franchise, used his own money to buy out the financially troubled team.

Ground was broken for the new arena in the off-season, with a rush order for completion for Game 1. Fast track construction enabled this grand engineering feat.

O’Halloran, through his wisdom and guidance, had the foresight to understand that major changes were required in order to make SLOSH a true contender. This was required to change the culture of the team and win back the disenchanted fanbase. As the new GM, Chris is credited with locking up key components to anchor this new winning culture. Through such acquisitions as defensive stalwart Jordan Katsiris, from the Greek Mediterranean League, and convincing Chris Vilone to come out of early retirement it was evident that O’Halloran meant business.

Via intelligent housekeeping practices, Chris also managed to resign RFA Trevor D’Angelo,  last years defensive rookie of the season, leading the league in Fights, Hits and Penalty Minutes. Many skeptics critizised this signing, however O’Halloran knew that truculence and tenacity were the key’s to success for his first season at the helm.


O’Halloran, who gets his hair cut at the same barber shop as Blue Jays GM, Alex Anthopoulos, realized that for true culture change within the organization, he would have to lead by example on the ice as well. Training with Gary Roberts in the off season brought Chris into the best shape of his life for this current season, as evidenced by his increase in goals and assists.  He quarterbacked the powerplay unit to an 88% success rate, 2nd overall in the league.  His leadership on the ice and in the lockerroom was well documented in the HBO series 24/7.  The dramatic turnaround this season has slingshot O’Halloran to the top of many writers MVP candidates list.  He has also been shortlisted for the Vezina after strapping on the pads after goalie Greg Belina fell ill midseason, allowing only 1 goal on 56 shots.

A True Leader. Owner. General Manager, Kapitain. Saint Christopher, we salute you.

TSN, Oakville.


SLOSH management confirmed today that Chris Vilone and Brandon Tomei will be returning this season, following a hiatus over contract disputes. News also came through that SLOSH has inked storied defenceman Kevin Napp for the upcoming season.

Napp, a 4 year veteran and decorated solider from the ASHL is credited with playing 147 games. In which he has logged 30 Goals and 90 assists. Napp will be joining SLOSH after major reconstructive surgery, resulting from a Cross-Check to the face.


As a result, early rumors have been surfacing that he will be joining the SLOSH tradition of nicnames and will put “Scarface” on his back, while adorning number 93 with the boys of beer. This nicname seems all the more fitting too, as Napp is has been known for his uncanny ability to stop pucks and breakaways with his face and mouth.

Napp who is known throughout the hockey community for his antics on and off the ice involving alcohol stated “I couldn’t be more excited to play for SLOSH, any team that promotes drinking is OK in my books”.

Buzz at practice this morning was high about this new pick-up, with defenceman Jay “Juggernaut” Glover joking “I just hope he doesn’t black out and try and score on his own net again like he did in that charity tournament a few years back”

SLOSH Kaptain Chris “Youngblood” O’Halloran quipped that he “Hope(s) Napp’r plays in his Wranglers a few games this season to show the kids how old school hockey is done”

New season starts April 26, 2013

TSN, Oakville.

February 22: Game Time Change

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This week’s match-up against the Oilers was originally scheduled for 10:30pm. Due to a conflict with the broadcaster, the game has now been moved up by 15 minutes. Puck drop is 10:15pm EST


Anyone up for new Socks?

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When picking up Jerseys for the new guys, our supplier told me he can do sublimated socks now. Not sure if anyone is down, however we can do whatever design we want for $17 a pair. I checked them out, they’re really nice and good quality.

At this point I’m proposing these 3 options.

Option A – The actual socks that the capitals wore in ’74 with the stars jersey.

Option B and Option C

Or we just go with None. Please vote!


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For those of ya’ll who haven’t heard by now, SLOSH’s homeboy Jacky “D” is coming out of retirement! In celebration of this momentus occassion, this organization cannot think of a better way to convey this message than this, Enjoy!