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Rumors had been swirling this week that Greg “Showtime” Belina had gotten into an arguement this week with upper management. They all seemed to be just that, rumours, until sources pointed us to Kevin “KRock” Hiscott’s instagram page!

What you’re looking at is his view while about to board a plane. Sure this could be any plane. However his Facebook account made mention of being at Square One in Mississauga today!

Is Showtime on the outs with SLOSH? Will K-Rock be making a comeback appearance playing for SLOSH once again? Did SLOSH Executives fly Kevin in for this? Only time will tell…

See ya’ll at the rink!

TMZ – Oakville.

How did this not get picked up?!

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bunch of buddies on a hockey team actually tried to get a reality show going. It’s gold! Can’t believe it didn’t become a reality

Sounds like a pretty good Sunday to me!

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Reeling from his recent suspension and backlash over “racial slurs” post game, Kevin “Starscream” Denley took to the Television and Airways to delivery a Public Service Announcement.


Hipster SLOSH Fan

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Well folks, you heard it here 1st. SLOSH’s very own Centre Tyler “Tallot” O’Halloran has been made a local Celebrity in Prince Rupert, British Columbia.

What’s that you ask? Why it’s merely the land, air AND water transportation hub of British Columbia’s North Coast! Boasting a population of nearly 13,000 people! (17,400 in 1991… watch out for Bears Tyler!)

This boy is HOT HOT HOT!

Check out that promo card dawg! FLAMES N’ DIAMOND PLATED STEEL AND SHIT!!! This boy is HOT HOT HOT!

Since we’re too far to pick up his husky voice over the FM airwaves, here’s an innernets link so you can join in on the fun!


Although we hardly know you good sir, we’ll miss you. Best of luck T.O.!


Alright, lets hear your thoughts!

Matching kits will look like this (minus the red pants, unless you’re Strez!)

Note: With sublimated we can make the socks look however we want.

SLOSH hockey has added yet another piece to their puzzle. News trickled down that SHC signed 19 year old center Tyler “Tallot” O’Halloran.

The 6’1” 100 pound younger brother of Kaptain Chris “Young Blood” O’Halloran said, “I’m hella excited to be joining SLOSH! I’ve been paying my dues and it’s nice to get picked up by a club that really wanted me.”

However, when advised that SLOSH was in fact the ONLY team that wanted him, O’Halloran replied quote… “GET THAT FUCKING CAMERA OUT OF MY FACE!!!

When asked if he’s concerned about being in the change room with the older men on the team Tyler just shrugged saying, “If you met my 8th grade gym teacher, then you’d know I’ve seen some older man meat. “

As concerning as the possible rape may have been, Tyler describes himself as a fast skating player, with a below average shot and the inability to win a face off if his life depended on it.

Here’s hoping O’Halloran can bring those same tangibles to the upcoming season. As well as some barely legal vagina that only he is legally aloud to penetrate.

TSN- Oakville.

And you thought Goalie’s had it bad!

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Screen Printed vs Athletic Knit

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