Welcome to the Grinder Award Page, what is a grinder you may ask?

A grinder is a player better known for his hard-work and poise, than his scoring. A grinder is often a player who has limited offensive skills, but is valuable to a hockey team due to their physical forechecking skills especially along the boards. The grinder is not in the spotlight as would be the offensively skilled scoring stars, but they are often fan favorites due to their work effort in games. Thus the grinder is often the player who, by their willingness to endure the physical abuse of going into the corners to dig out the puck, often sets up the goals for the team’s offensive stars. It is common belief in hockey that a good team needs a balance of scoring stars and grinders.

The Grinder of the Game is a SLOSH tradition originally started in the 2nd Season. This seasons grinders are as follows:

Week 1: Jason “Juggernaut” Glover
Week 2: Dom “The Dominator” DeBellis
Week 3: Ryan “Rico” Hiscott
Week 4: David “NotSoGretzsky” Stillo & Mark “Hurricane” Penelton
Week 5: David “BIGDIESEL” Strzelec
Week 6: Kevin “Starscream” Denley
Week 7: Derek “Horatio” Laurendeau
Week 8: Jordan “O’Halls Pride” Katsiris
Week 9: Defensive Pairing Chris “BRIO” Vilone  & Jason “Juggernaut” Glover
Week 10: Jeff “Flama Blanca” Glover
Week 11: Chris’ Stick, in all her mangled glory
Week 12: Mark “Hurricane” Penelton
Week 13: Jeff “Flama Blanca” Glover
Week 14: Dan “DREDD” Stillo
Week 15: Jeff “Flama Blanca” Glover

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